Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, but unfortunately it does happen..

Call us first and we will assist in the next steps.


If you want the Peace Of Mind that comes from choosing a repairer of your choice, you’ll need an insurance policy that gives you a ‘choice of repairer’ option.

Without this, you will have little control over who repairs your vehicle, what parts they use and repair methods that may compromise the structure and safety of your vehicle.

Ensure your insurance policy includes “choice of repairer” so you, the owner, get to decide the best repairer for your vehicle.

If your vehicle was damaged you are entitled to have it repaired to pre-accident condition.

If you are not the driver at fault, you are legally entitled to a replacement vehicle at no cost to yourself for the duration of the repairs.

You will need to obtain the ‘at fault’  party claim number for this to proceed.


Please contact our office for assistance. .

Whilst AAA Malibu Paint and Panel cannot operate on vehicles that do not have a "choice of repairer" applicable insurance policy, we do provide a "Post Vehicle Repair Inspection" which allows us to inspect the work performed by the party your insurance has chosen, we let you know if there are any issues and help manage with any rectification issues.